InteriorDesign-ED Boca Raton Winter 2018 Schedule

Courses are IDCEC accredited CEUís and Florida Approved

Location: CEU will be held at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites West 8144 Glades Road Boca Raton FL 33434

Dates: April 10th and April 11th

Time: Each CEU will be held from 9 AM-7 PM with an hour for lunch

Number of CEUs: Each day will be .9 CEUs so if you take it all, you will be done with all your Flordia requirements except for the Florida Codes

Cost for CEU: $799 for both classes and $499 for each class

Can't make those dates?

Come take our 1.8 CEU online on-demand Florida Packages that cover all the Florida requirements except the Florida codes or take any of our 52 online on-demand Webinars from the comfort of your own home on your own computer

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( )April 10th and April 11th Ė Aging in Style The New Standards Parts 1 and 2, Oriental Rugs Old and New Improving Your Indoor Air April 10th and Go Green, Color Theory and The Business of Design April 11th 9 AM - 7 PM each day - $750 for both days

( ) April 10th ĖAging in Style The New Standards parts 1 and 2, Orienal Rugs Old and New and Improving Your Indoor Air 9 AM - 7 PM - $450

( ) April 11th - Go Green, Color Theory and The Business of Design 9 AM - 7 PM - $450

If you donít wish to pay online via a credit card you pay may via several other methods:
such as calling 713 269-6909 and registering directly over the phone with a credit card,

or via mail to InteriorDesign-ED, 2422#C Nantucket Drive Houston TX 77057

Please make checks payable to InteriorDesign-ED


If you would like to pay via check: 

Please download and fill out Confirmation Form,

making sure to check off the CEU you wish to attend,

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additionally a $20 lunch can be ordered and purchased on the day of the Class

Payable to:††† InteriorDesign-ED

Care of:†††††††† 2422 #C Nantucket Drivey St.

†††††††††††† Houston TX 77057

Or Fax form to:713 464-0755 and pop form and check in the mail

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