Live Webinar Instruction
"Beverly's Interior Design-ED live 1.2 CEU marathon was fabulous and I highly recommend her program. She is very passionate and personable and her class content was very relevant and interesting."
-Nancy Charbonneau, Houston TX
"Beverly, You are such a great, enjoyable presenter. I learned so very much, and cannot wait to have you back here again. Kudos to you for your educational presentations!"
-Linda S. Steinberg, ASID Dallas
On the American Wing at the Met and English and French Period Rooms at the Met: "Amazing classes. Very interesting and very well presented" - I can't wait to take what Beverly teaches next!
- Susan Zises Green NY
" I love both InteriorDesign-ED's live classes and on demand webinars.. Beverly Vosko is a great instructor... out of 5, I give her a 10!
-Debra Coffey Dallas
"I just finished Beverly's latest 1.2 CEU marathon: Remodeling a Home for the Baby Boomer Generation, Stone, 7 Steps To Successful Marketing and Improving Your Indoor Air. I've taken every class she's written and always am inspired and equipped with new knowledge. She engages the class and makes it all fun!"
-Claudia Lummis Houston

Live CEU Classes

InteriorDesign-ED is an IDCEC Preferred Provider whom has been teaching live CEUs since 1999. We specialize in providing interesting, relevant Continuing Education courses to Interior Designers and Architects nationwide and throughout Canada. Since we are IDCEC approved, InteriorDesign-ED’s live CEUs are accepted by every state in the country. InteriorDesign-ED is based in Houston but offers live CEU classes in numerous cities across the nation as well as CEU trips throughout the world. Satisfied participants have given these CEU’s average ratings of 4.9 out of 5! Everyone loves our live classes… Try us and you will love us too! Click on our Enroll Live CEU button to find CEU’s in your city!

Recorded On Demand Webinars

Recorded On Demand Webinars

InteriorDesign-ED is the only IDCEC approved Continuing Education Provider who also provides numerous recorded on demand webinars that you can take wherever and whenever you wish, day or night, to suit your schedule. You can take your continuing education requirements on your own home on your own computer – even in pajamas. We offer numerous webinars on a variety of topics ranging from Modernism to Aging in Place , from Stone to Sustainability, and every one of these on demand webinars are also accepted by every state in the country. These on demand webinars are also rated on average 4.9 out of 5 by our satisfied customers. Please click on our Enroll On Demand Webinar button to find the perfect webinar on a topic that interests you!

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